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Daytrading in stock market is a very high profitabel business.but he is possibal you have solid trading strategies and plan. trade my  system provid solid trading strategies and plan for you. My system provid every day earn profit rising and falling market.

Golden Rules for Successful Trading

1. Divide your capital into 5 equal risk parts.

2. Never over trade.

3. Keep your charts up to date.

4. Take big profits and small losses.

5. Don’t trade if trend not clear

6. Don’t trade if trend not clear

7. Analyze your winning & loosing trade timings, duration & pattern

    to identify what best will work  for you.

8. Don’t target the Market as you are always on the target of Market,

     play defensive & play safe.

9. Focus on trade, opportunity can come at any time, don’t miss trading

     opportunity, even a small  opportunity  can pay you big.

10. Don’t regret if you miss the opportunity, wait for the right one to enter.

11.  Trade patiently, quality of trade matters not the frequency/numbers.

        Stop trading for the day,if your most of trades are resulting

       negative for you.Remember, everyday is not your day.